Offsite Backup

xBackup – Remote backup that actually works..

The problem with Hard disk backups is that there is most of the time no single person responsible for them. So we are finding backup disks full, disks not connected, errors not reported, etc…, and all this leads to disastrous consequences.

We all heard about cloud backup. It seems magical, but the reality is it can almost never work using a typical UK ADSL broadband connection. The problem lies in the first sync, a 500GB upload to a remote backup server will take 64 Days 17 Hours 26 Minutes. That obviously can almost never work, so here at MacXperts, we came up with another solution, xBackup.

As we know and look after all our clients’ servers, so we thought, why not take that initial chunk of data on a drive and physically connect it to our backup servers, copy the data and have it ready for the first sync. We would then install our sync software on your server and have it sync once a day changed files only. The result is a much more manageable remote backup solution that is guaranteed to work.

Your data securely resides on encrypted drives on our backup servers.

In case of a complete failure, we will copy your data to an external drive and physically bring it to you.