1. xNet

    MacXperts, established to offer - the highest level of performance, with the lowest level of computing stress - has, over the years, assumed responsibility for client's IT requirements. Ever-increasing volumes of unsolicited electronic mail, in addition to ISP reluctance - or inability - to offer advanced technological solutions at reasonable prices, has led to requests for us to assume responsibility for our clients' internet requirements as well. In response - our xNet web presence now offers "LessStress" internet solutions. All our shared and dedicated servers are hosted at Rackspace, the number one data centre, and all are monitored 24/7/365 through their fanatical support program.

  2. Hosting Plans

    Platinum: 100 POP/iMap/Web mail accounts :: 60GB Storage :: 60GB monthly transfer £1200/year

    Gold: 100 POP/iMap/Web mail accounts :: 30GB Storage :: 30GB monthly transfer £600/year

    Silver: 25 POP/iMap/Web mail accounts :: 5GB Storage :: 10GB monthly transfer £400/year

    Bronze: 15 POP/iMap/Web mail accounts :: 2GB Storage :: 5GB monthly transfer £300/year

    Copper: 5 POP/iMap/Web mail accounts :: 1GB Storage :: 2GB monthly transfer £150/year

    For Dedicated servers and bespoke accounts please contact us.

    Please visit our xNet site for Detailed information